Today, millions of people woke up wondering, "What will today be like?"

At Thought Leader, Inc., that question is a foregone conclusion: Today will be the very best day of my life.

Our team of dedicated coaches show people how to wake up each and every day dialed in to their ultra-max potential. If you master the mental tools and high-performance habits we share, you can open your eyes in the morning knowing without doubt that today is your day to reap incredible riches. Today is the very best day of your life!

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Our clients, readers, and subscribers are getting results!

Went skydiving today despite my incredible fear of heights. Didn’t even pee my pants. Pretty incredible what a few mental habit tweaks can do for a person. Thank you for showing me the way, Thought Leader!
— Molly Cooper
I am challenged daily by my Thought Leader coach. Some days, I want to punch him. Other days, I want to write haikus of gratitude. I’m in love with my ‘new’ life today.
— Franklin Dawn
Within 2 weeks of listening to your podcast, I ran the mile 3 minutes faster than my previous PR. Never even occurred to me that this was possible for my 68-year-old bag of bones!
— Jennifer McGwire

Company info

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Thought Leader, Inc., was founded in 2008 by Jason Miller. People all over the world have come to recognize the brand as a titan in the explosive personal development industry.