Private Coaching w/ JAM (10 Sessions)


Private Coaching w/ JAM (10 Sessions)

2,999.00 5,000.00

Private Coaching

You come ready to play, ready to stretch and we'll burn your biggest obstacles down to the ground within the first few coaching sessions. If you don't set personal records in your financial, physical, and relational health, we'll promptly and gladly hand you your investment back.

Coaches: Jason Miller, Max DuBowy, or Nicki Guyton

Format: Private 45-minute phone call

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Are You A Good Fit For Our Style of Coaching?

Most people are highly receptive to our coaching style and, thus, experience rapid growth and results.

There are only a few types of people who really aren't suited for our style of coaching: those who know they're right always and those who think money is enough to fix their problems. If you're one of those types, we recommend that you find a different solution than coaching.